Mid-Ohio Dairy Goat Association
To contact us:

8699 State Route 323
Mount Sterling, OH  43143-9415


have accomplished a lot in our eight years, and we can't wait for you to join us in planning an exciting year in 2014.  
For those of you who are still pondering membership, what are you waiting for, we'd love to have you join us!

We need lots of folks to make reaching our goals and objectives obtainable, and let's face it we've all got something to
share.  We want to offer something for every interested goat enthusiast.  You need to share with us your interest, and
your expertise so that we can begin offering programs to share this information with as many folks as possible.

While Education, promotion and fellowship are our primary goals we also hope to sponsor clinics, shows, sales,
contest and other events.  Right now, MODGA is hosting a doe chain, where an interested youth can send in an
application to hopefully be the recipient of a doe kid from an established herd.  In return this youth is ask to donate
back to the program in future years for another youth to benefit..

We are also searching for youth representatives for our association, so please if you know of anyone between the ages
of 9--21 that would be an exemplary role model, interested in serving our organization as such please share the
information on this opportunity with them.  Also share with them the many benefits this opportunity will open for them
in other associations.

Not overlooking the adults, we do intend to have programs that will reward you for your membership.  Anyone
interested in products and promotion, DHIR test groups, or how about farm sitting exchanges?  These are all things
we hope to establish with this association.  Becoming a member of this organization will also offer you discounted
opportunities for advertising, reduced entry fees and registration fees for club events, and much more……...so stay
tuned in!

Lastly, but certainly not least, we don't intend to be an exclusive club of dairy goat breeders, that's just what we know
the most about.  So even if you own meat goats, fiber goats, goats for fun, or don't own goats at all, but would like
too learn more, please join us so that we can all learn as much as possible about these amazing creatures.