Why You Need to Use Stucco on Your Home’s Exterior

The exterior part of your house is the face of your home, and it highly markets it to potential buyers. Apart from aesthetic value, the design of your home also affects your home’s longevity and many other important factors. There are perfect modern ways that you can always use to improve the design of your home. Stucco finishing is the distinct approach that adds numerous benefits to your home. We take this opportunity to inform and educate you on the ten reasons to use stucco on your home’s exterior.

Here are the reasons:

1. Lifetime design

Stucco is known as the most durable siding selection on the market. If well applied and maintained, stucco lasts for more than 50 years, and you will only need minimal maintenance. It is perfect and does not crack.

2. Customized Options

There are a lot of customized options that stucco offers to your home. This is possible since contractors mix pigments directly to the solution and then allows you to select quickly the perfect shade that meets your style. You will not have to paint it over time. There are synthetic options that offer fresh looks.

3. Aesthetic value

Stucco’s style of application is well known to provide a heavily textured quality surface. It provides homes the perfect looks that you desire. There are great ranges of aesthetics such as coarse, raked, pebbled, swirled and smooth. You can also choose rough texture, smooth application or the sweeping design,

3. Decay resistant

Stucco is well known to be impervious to most kinds of decays. This will include rot, mildew, and mold. With proper waterproofing, a contractor will make your home look new all time. It never crumbles over time. It is, therefore, ideal for humid and moist climates.

4. Reasonable home value

The characteristic of stucco is what increases your home value should you want to sell it someday. It offers it the ability to withstand an earthquake. It is energy resistant, fire resistant, rot resistant, sound dampening and low on maintenance.

5. Easy to Installation

Research shows that siding is one of the most appreciated home innovation styles that you should ever rely on. Stucco siding makes the process family quick and easy to maintain. It will take you, at least, one or two days, and this involves the drying period as well.

6. Enhanced Home Insurance

Stucco homes are known to withstanding natural disasters, and this is what enhances your home insurance premiums. Unlike other homes, this is the place you will live and enjoy your life to the fullest.

7. Easy maintenance cost

You need to spend less on maintenance cost once you buy or design your home. With stucco, it becomes easy and reliable approach. It requires little maintained both in extreme climates and dry as well as warm climates. This will help you save on maintenance cost.

8. Versatility

Stucco is excellent when we talk about versatility in a home. It is so simple to replace siding, and it works well when applied on top of it. Stucco is a wise choice for different homes. It is a smart choice that you need to embrace.

9. Increased Home Efficiency and energy consumption

Stucco finishing is known to save you much money when it comes to electricity bills. It is rated perfect in R-value as well as insulation efficiency. It is efficient and complete all time.

These are the ten reasons why you should use stucco repair service in Toronto on your home’s exterior. They are highly reliable, and they will add to it the best value than you ever thought.

Top Reasons for Keeping Air Ducts Clean

Your air conditioner is an essential home appliance whose usefulness goes beyond the hot summers. Despite its role, many people do not give it the care and attention that it deserves. It’s ducts need to be kept clean at all times for you to enjoy fresh air and also some of the benefits below. It’s also important to keep in mind that this is NOT the same as dryer vents. This is a completely separate system from your dryer vents. If you want more information about dryer vents, then visit this link.

Improved Indoor Air Quality

You invest in air duct cleaning by clicking here, and the result you will get is better indoor air quality. In a typical home setting, the air conditioner has to deal with about 40 pounds of dust every day. When this goes on for a long time, its air ducts also get dirty, and the result is usually bad air. However, duct cleaning eliminates all this guaranteeing you the best air quality possible.

Energy Savings

It is not just clean air that you will enjoy but also energy savings. Clogged ducts do your air conditioner work harder to attain the desired temperatures. In turn, this translates into increased energy usage. Air duct cleaning eliminates these contaminants thereby making life easier for the AC. It will not have to work hard to maintain the temperature, and this leads to improved cost-effectiveness.

Extended AC Life

Many a times failures occur in air conditioners because they were not given the right care. An air conditioner works well if nothing is blocking the flow and d exchange of air and if there are contaminants along the ducts, then this can bring in all sorts of problems. In fact, 90% of system failures in ACs are caused by dirt and dust. Therefore, when you keep these ducts clean, you are as good and extending the lifespan of your unit.

Dust Removal

Cleaning your air duct system is also useful in reducing household dust. Dust travels mostly through the air duct system, and if this system is dirty, then you are as good as bringing more dust into your house. Luckily, by carrying out regular cleaning, the dust minimized.

Your air conditioner’s ducts have to be in excellent condition for this useful piece of equipment to remain helpful in your life. Apart from that, keeping them clean also eliminates much health related conditions.

To learn more about air ducts, feel free to contact our friends.

Home Improvement Loans

Owning a home is a dream-come-true for most people, but sometimes home repairs and maintenance can be a burden. Some repairs cannot be put off, and home repair jobs must be done as they appear. If you do not have the money for major home repairs, home improvement loans are your best option.

A Little More On Home Improvement Loans

A credit for home remodeling provides access to cash that can be used to make renovations or additions to a private home. The loan can only be used to finance projects that will benefit the house or property. All the work done must be for the maintenance of the real estate or to increase its worth.

Home loans are usually short-term loans. The interest rate depends upon the lending institution and the personal credit of the borrower as well as the home value and home mortgage.

Home Improvement Loans

Purpose of the Home Improvement Loan

Cash from a loan for home improvement can be used for projects such as:

  1. Installing a swimming pool
  2. Building a deck
  3. Home repairs
  4. New kitchen
  5. Repainting
  6. Redecorating
  7. Updating plumbing
  8. Landscaping
  9. Adding a room, etc.

Acquiring a Home Improvement Loan

Private lending institutions offer these types of loans. There are also federally funded programs for this kind of investment. You can speak with a customer service representative for information about acquiring a loan.

Before you go to a lender, be sure to have all the details of the project ready. You will need the estimated total cost of the project and quotations from potential contractors. You must also include the expected increase in home value, if applicable.

Home improvement projects can finance through home equity loans or home equity line of credit. You may also opt for refinancing and unsecured loans. Veterans can apply for a VA Home Improvement Loan to upgrade their current home. The Federal Government backs this type of loan to lending institutions that offer home improvement financing.

Choosing a Loan to Finance Home Improvement

Each type of loan has its own advantages and disadvantages. It’s up to the homeowner to decide which one suits their needs best. One of the deciding factors in choosing a loan is the interest rate. Secured loans on the borrower’s property as collateral generally have a lower interest rate.

For small home repairs you may want to take out a personal, unsecured loan. For major construction, however, it may be more beneficial to apply for a homeowner’s loan. You will find many lending institutions that can offer financing for a home loan. Obtain quotes from different lenders and choose the one with the best offer.

In a Nutshell…

Home improvement loans are attractive because they can make your home a better place to live in. But did you know that renovating your home also increases its market value? If you are considering selling it or taking loans against it in future, you can get a higher sum of money due to the raised market value. Thus, a home improvement loan also gives you added benefits.

Home Improvement Ideas on a Budget

When a person is looking to make home improvements they may be put off by the cost. Many people think that home improvement can be very expensive. While there are some projects that can be costly the majority of home improvements do not have to be. There are some great home improvement projects for people that are on a budget.

Fresh Paint

Paint is not expensive to purchase and can be found at many discount stores. A person can select whatever color of paint they like. They can choose from something tame such as white or yellow. A person can also choose bold shade such as purples or deep blues. Paint can completely change the appearance of a room. The room can have a fresh new look. Many people can even paint themselves which saves even more money.

Home Improvement


If a person is handy with a sewing machine or even a needle and thread they can make their own curtains , panels, and even bedding. All that is needed is a flat sheet or some fabric. A person can than find patterns to make a number of household items. This is much less expensive than having to purchase curtains or other items. A person may even have some fabric around the home that they can use.

Lighten Things Up

Adding more light to a room can change the entire appearance. Instead of cutting into the home and installing new windows there is an easy and inexpensive way to complete this project. A light tube can be installed between the rafters in the roof to add light to the room. This will brighten the room without costing a lot of money.

Add Some Molding

This is a simple way to change the look of a room. Molding can change the way a room looks and is rather inexpensive. A person can choose a number of different types of molding including wood and flexible foam, and other materials. If there is existing molding in the room it can be painted. Crown molding can add a real decorative touch to the room and is a simple way to change the room without overwhelming it.

Add a Ceiling Fan

A ceiling fan can be a cost effective way to not only add a new touch to the room but will help lower energy costs as well. Modern fans run quietly and use much less electricity than air conditioning units. There are a number of styles and colors that these fans come in. There is something for every room. Ceiling fans are often inexpensive and the more blades it has the more energy efficient it will be. A person can save several hundred dollars a year.

These are just some ways that a person can complete several home improvements while sticking to a budget. They can change the look of their home and even make home improvements without having to spend a lot of money and stick to the budget that they are set on.

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